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Friday, 1 November 2019

How do I activate a new keycode in the program?

For first time activation of the key code 

How to i activate a new webroot keycode ?
Reach and redeem your key. Download and install it.

How do I activate a new keycode in the program?

If you already have Webroot SecureAnywhere installed, you can follow these steps to apply a keycode to the existing installation:
For Windows PC: 
  • Open SecureAnywhere and click My Account.
  • On the Account screen, look at the righthand side of the screen.
  • Under the Activate a new keycode heading, enter your keycode in the field provided and click Activate.
 For Mac: 
  • Open the SecureAnywhere interface (click the Webroot icon in the menu bar, then select Open Webroot SecureAnywhere from the drop-down menu).
  • From the main window, click My Account.
  • In the My Account window, click Activate a New Keycode.
  • Enter the new keycode and click Activate.
How do I activate a new keycode in the program?


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